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CTP Display Modules and Development Tools

The touch function is one of the most user-friendly functions of a modern electronics device. An optimized touch panel design will benefit both the product reliability and aesthetic looking.

Through our in-house skillful engineers and state-of-the-art production facilities, we can provide you a customized and optimized design of display integration with any kind of touch panel and featured mechanical parts like a metal shield, plastic housing, and PCB board.

OGS -One Glass Solution

Integrates ITO glass sensor and protective glass into a piece of glass.
-- Simple structure. Light and thin (up to 0.5mm)
--Most cost-competitive touch solution
--multi-touch (up to 10 points)
--Optical Clear, fewer layers to obstruct the light
--Glass surface for good scratch resistance (6H) and perfect heat resistance
-- Featured customization, drilling holes, multi-color printing, and 2.5D edge.

G/G (Glass Glass Solution)

2 layers of glass for the respective function of a touch sensor and protective glass.

OCA lamination between glass senor and protective glass. It is the best touch solution to meet the most challenging environmental requirement of product operation. 

-- Glass surface for good scratch resistance (6H Min).
-- Thicker cover lens for better hit resistance (up to 6mm)
-- No limitation on aesthetic design, Extreme narrow glass edge, etc.

G/F (Glass Film Solution)

Glass layer for protective layer and film layer as a touch sensor.
-- Glass surface for good scratch resistance (6H Min) and heat resistance.
-- Good solution for a handheld device for its good drop resistance of film sensor and glass protective layer.
-- Compromised heat resistance bound with film sensor's features.

Customized Cover Lens

Fully customized features to fit the final product's aesthetic characteristics.
-- Different Icon Styling, priting or hidden until lit
-- Special shape, cutouts
-- Multiple-color printings
-- Coating for Anti-Glare, Anti-fingerprint, Anti-UV

Production line
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