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【HSF Policy】

Green Product, Law Compliance, Continuous improvement
Yeebo Group is committed,

To produce green product by conforming to relative law and regulations.

To unremittingly pursue customer satisfaction by implementing continuous improvement program with all staff participation.

【Quality Policy】

To establish Yeebo as a reliable partner by consistently delivering the highest standards in quality and service.

♦ We are committed to constantly innovating in order to augment our competitive edge in the display industry;

♦ We exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit in our undertaking of keeping abreast of the times, united in preserving our core competencies as a company.

♦ We stand resolute in our belief that human capital is our company's greatest asset and will endeavor to build a professional team by nurturing and developing our employees to their fullest potential;

♦ Operational integrity, innovation and sustainable development of the group will always be integral to developing mutually beneficial relationships with our partners and customers.

【Environment Policy】

Enforcing environmentally friendly measures while simultaneously delivering sustainable growth.

The primary objective of the Group's environmental policy is to regulate and promote an eco-friendly work environment. Establish a framework for assessing ecological standards, and improving our ecological footprint through gradual reduction of resource consumption.

We are committed to abiding with the national ecological laws and regulations and will strive to promote an ecologically and socially responsible environment while staying true to the Group's core values.

【Corporate Social Responsibility Policy】

To Establish Harmonious and Stable Relationships with Our Partners.

The Group is committed to:

Establishing and maintaining transparency with our partners, customers and governmental entities in all areas including product design, manufacturing and after sales servicing as well as fulfilling our societal obligations as a corporation.

By continually refining our operations, the Group will strive to deliver sustainable growth while contributing to society in a socially responsible manner.

♦ Respecting our employees' freedoms and social rights as well as providing a platform on which they can effectively utilize their talents to its fullest potential.

♦ Promoting a safe and healthy environment for our employee's overall well-being.

♦ Continually improving the Group's ecological footprint through innovation.

♦ Upholding the Group's operational integrity, transparency, and moral values whilst building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with our partners.

【Business Ethics Policy】

The company implements a policy of integrity management, control fair trade and competition standards, prohibit any form of bribery, corruption, extortion and misappropriation of public funds and other acts.

The Company respects and protects the intellectual property rights of its customers, suppliers and other interested parties and protects its information security.

The Company protects the privacy of its employees, customers, suppliers and other interested parties, and prohibits inquiries and dissemination outside of any job duty.

The company established a reporting system, and informants identity information strictly confidential, is strictly forbidden to carry out retaliation against whistleblowers.

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Jiangmen Yeebo Semiconductor Co., Ltd.(LCD)

Add: Building No.16, Gaosha Road 3, Jiangmen, Guangdong P.R.C
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Dongguan Office

Add: No.5, Alley 6, Shabutou, Dongfeng Town, Dongguan, Guangdong P.R.C
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Tianjin Office

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Chongqing Office

Add: 17-2, Building E, Beichengwangjiao, Jiangbei District, Chongqing P.R.C
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Shanghai Office

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Taiwan Office

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Hong Kong Office

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