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LCD LCD Liquid Crystal Display

Monochrome LCDs and LCD modules are ideal solutions for products that require a cost-effective, low-power display solution. And it is the most mature display technology among products for various product applications, such as thermostats, kitchen appliances, medical devices, and industrial meters.  With the advantage of very limited tooling cost in customization, special mechanical and aesthetic requirements can be completely fulfilled by customization service.

LCM Liquid Crystal Module

Yeebo is a primary LCD supplier with expertise in the design and manufacturing of high-quality Monochrome LCD and LCD modules.

We have been supplying standard and customized products for various applications, ranging from automotive, industrial to other applications.

Yeebo equips state-of-the-art advanced production equipment to ensure reliable quality and efficient delivery.

TFT Thin Film Transistor

Yeebo provides a TFT display in size of 0.96" to 15.6".  Flexible Integration can be customized with tailored features of Capacitive Touch Panel, cover lens, metal shield, plastic parts, and PCB board, etc.

Our experienced engineer can closely work with you to work out an optimized design to fit your product requirements from mechanical fitting and electronic characteristics.

CTP Capactive Touch Display

The touch function is one of the most user-friendly functions of a modern electronics device.  An optimized touch panel design will benefit the device for good product reliability and a charming aesthetic looking.

Through our in-house skillful engineers and state-of-the-art production facilities, we can provide you a customized and optimized design of display integration with any kind of touch panel and featured mechanical parts like a metal shield, plastic housing, and PCB board.

Yeebo Group was established in 1988,high quality Monochrome LCD and LCD Modules

Yeebo’s products have a strong global presence in key electronic market sectors including Automotive indumenta, Telecommunications, Medical equipment, and Electronic consumable products such as Audio, White products, Watches, and Electronic notebooks.

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A Custom LCD will differentiate your products from the competition by choosing the best LCD technology and special mechanical design for your application.

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